[How to choose biology tuition hkdse?] 10 ultimate reasons for choosing  bio tutoring!

believes that many students or parents are looking for biological biology tuition It will be very troublesome>. <There are so many tuition centers/private tutoring in the market, how do you choose the suitable for your children or students biological tuition? When should you pay attention to when? I will share ten key points with you today.


1 Academic background

There are many tutors in theTutoring science subjects for classmates: bio-biophysics, but whether every tutor knows exactly the subjects he teaches, except within the scope of teaching, when the exam involves content other than the exam, I believe that only teachers who study the subject at the university After several years of study, I will have a deeper understanding of this subject and be more able to answer students’ questions. Therefore, if you want to learn biology in depth, it is recommended to choose CUHK, Hong Kong University.of the University Science and Technology of biology major The instructor is better. In addition to knowledge, they also have more knowledge of Hong Kong public examinations. 



2 Examination skills

many students choose biology tuition, they want to reach a certain level of knowledge and know that their grades are good, but they will never fail. To get a higher score, they may know that exam skills are very important when making papers. How to review the question? How to calculate the score of the question? Plan the answer before writing, and which keyword can be written to get points, if it is an Experiencedbiology instructor, he will give you more accurate answers and save a lot of time.


3 Unique teaching method

I wonder if you have tried to choose the relevant subjects with excellent grades, the instructor of the junior college, the final grade or the classroom The reason for my own needs is that some tutors may have natural learning talents in science, and may not understand the reasons why students are not familiar with them, or they may not have a deep understanding and research on some teaching skills, such as taking roles. Abilities, these abilities may not be able to be trained the day after tomorrow, mainly whether the teacher’s personal personality traits can be put in the position to know the needs of the other party, spend time to understand the difficulties of each topic, and then find some easy-to-learn methods, these are excellent What the tutor can provide.


4 The essence notes

The third type shows whether a tutor has his own set of insights and learning mode. Self-made notes are essential materials for an excellent tutor. Usually only full-time tutors have their own Note, the instructor reads countless papers to know which part is important, delete unnecessary content, and be able to prepare practice papers from shallow to deep according to the situation of the students.


5 Practice papers

If the tutorial agency can provide more practice papers, it will be better for students to learn Great help.


6 After class study

Many students will want to ask questions after class, especially during the exam cycle. The homework cycle. Even when reviewing the book, they will want to have a tutor who can ask questions. If the tuition agency or the tutor can provide immediate Questions and answers such as whatsapp are very helpful for students to learn.


7 In the same school group,

some tuition agencies can provide biology tuition services in the same school. Learning will be more effective, because the learning progress of the same school is similar, such as homework, exams, experiments, and teachers can tailor more suitable textbook content and materials for them.


8 The cost

cost of private supplementary bio is the most expensive. Four hundred to five hundred mosquitoes per hour. On the contrary, large tutoring clubs charge at least 100 to 200 for an hour, and small tutoring clubs range between 200-300 an hour.


9 The transportation is convenient

to the tuition center near the subway or bus station. Enrollment should be given priority, because it saves time and can also be used to review rest or carry out extracurricular activities.


10 Trial lesson

rooms If a trial room can be provided before everyone goes to class, it will be very helpful to the students, because tuition not only requires money, but the most important thing is time. Reading classes that are not suitable for you will also waste your time, so it is better to take care of the same tutoring.

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